Thursday, June 02, 2005

e-bay haiku competition

A little while ago I was skimming the internet and I came across the rummaging blog. They are (were if you're reading this after the end of June 2005) running a haiku competition for e-bay sales within which a haiku poem is inserted. The haiku should not refer to the competition nor to rummaging, but should appear as though it was intended solely as a sales aid. I have submitted more than one haiku in the attempt to win an i-pod shuffle. Don't know if I'll win, but it's a great idea.

Selling a DVD of the first series of kung-fu
David Carradine
acting like a Grasshopper
should have been Bruce Lee

Feedback left for a seller of a well packaged dvd
you sent me a disc,
ingeniously packed,
like the spring blossom

And this one for my tent
open up the zip
when everything is wet:
a tent keeps you dry

For those of you who don't know what haiku is, try this website

I'll keep you informed of the outcome..

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