Thursday, August 01, 2019

Business Owners


We provide discrete financial services for High Net worth Individuals, CEO's/Executives of Corporations and Senior Government officials globally. What we do is legal and within the ambient of the law, but following the leakage of the infamous Panama Papers and subsequent treat by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to publish more details and release more lists not included in the first ones, practically all our clients are no longer comfortable, they wants their accounts closed and transfer their assets and cash out from this Offshore locations to be invested in any part of the world that have good prospects.

Our clients consists of high net worth individuals who are seeking to invest in viable businesses and capital projects across the globe. The major areas of interests for our clients are:- Real Estate / Hospitality / Tourism Construction / Renewable & Green Energy / Health care / Mining / Import & Export / General Trading / Oil & Gas / Aviation / Telecom & IT or any other viable project you can present to the table that can be vetted for qualification of this fund injection. These funds will be given at a 0% interest, it is not a loan, rather it will be given as a tenured operational fund, and the investor is only interested on any agreed share of the percentage of profit declared, either quarterly or yearly.

If you have a good background in any of these sectors with the intent to expand operations or start a project you deem viable, then kindly email your business plan for further discussions.

However, all viable proposals within reason will be considered. Funds shall be made available to you as a direct investment loan at 5% interest rate per annual for a period of 5 or 10 years depending on what you prefer.

I wait to hear from you.


Mr. Saeed Abdulatif

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random stuff written on my whiteboard

Often on my way to work I come up with some insight or thought that I want to preserve for posterity (or vanity) and so I write them on my whiteboard. The problem is, I need to use my whiteboard for work related things too, so where to put these random thoughts? On my blog, of course... So here they are.

  • Empathy is a prerequisite for learning;
  • We keuren niet goed; we keuren af, of we keuren niet af;
  • When you try to measure quality it becomes a quantity, but the opposite does not apply;
  • More time is wasted in misguided attempts to save it, than in the honest-to-goodness squandering thereof;
  • To get to the top don't play the game, play the system.
At some point I may, or may not, elucidate further.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ontroerd door uitzending BNR

Vanochtend op BNR had @HumbertoTan het over de langste vrouw ter wereld (2.36m), een Chinees, die net aan een hersentumor overleden is. Bleek dat een Nederlandse schoenmaker haar schoenen maakte. Hij was in de uitzending en vertelde over het trieste leven van die vrouw als circus 'attractie' en daarna het lijden onder een tumor waar ze al jaren voor haar dood last van had (net als alle reuzen, blijkt). Na 14 jaar in het circus getoond te zijn, woonde ze weer bij haar moeder waar er regelmatig mensen voor de deur stonden om haar aan te schouwen en uit te lachen.

De schoenmaker is via een ziekenhuis in contact met haar gekomen en reisde af naar China om haar voeten op te meten (maat 57). De eerste keer dat hij haar ontmoette, vroeg hij om haar favoriete kleur (rood) en maakte voor haar dus rode schoenen. Ze was helemaal overdonderd dat het uberhaupt kon.

Afijn, Humberto merkte op dat het verhaal de schoenmaker (dhr Wessels) niet ongeroerd liet, wat inderdaad het geval was. Als laatste vroeg hij aan dhr Wessels wat een paar schoenen van maat 57 zoal kostte. De schoenmaker antwoorde 'die schoenen kreeg ze van mij kado', waarop de presentator zei 'Meneer Wessels, u bent een goed mens'.

Dat vond ik zo ontroerend dat ik er nu nog een brok in mijn keel krijg als ik dit schrijf. Dat er zulke mensen bestaan die belangeloos om anderen bekommeren; ik word er stil van.

Na het schrijven van deze blogpost, heb ik het getwitterd naar Humberto Tan en BNr en ik kreeg, geheel onverwachts, een aantwoord. Die luidt als volgt:

@majikthijs @BNR Mooi! Dank, heel veel dank. De schoenmaker ontroerde mij ook! Niet alleen een goed mens, ook een mooi mens..

Een bevestiging (als er een nodig was) dat dhr Tan zelf niet alleen een mooi mens maar ook nog een heer. Wat een mooi geschenk voor pakjesavond!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Thursday, January 26, 2012

CEASE therapy

I've been pretty active on twitter lately and I'm increasingly amazed at how quickly the spambots can get to you after each post. On 23rd Jan, I read the following tweet concerning Prince Phillip:
Andy Lewis @lecanardnoir

Very wealthy old man has been quite healthy. In unrelated news, believes nonsense like copper bracelets & homeopathy
To whit, after reading said article, I replied jocularly with:
Majikthijs @majikthijs

@lecanardnoir the article curiously omits to inform us of the result of said bracelet and hpathy despite the continuing limp-wristedness
Within a few hours I was being followed by @ceasetherapy who are based in The Hague and who hold the mistaken view that vaccinations are the cause of autism. This view has been discussed extensively herehere and here (in Dutch). The 'founder' of the therapy, and father of current head of the CEASE organisation, was given a formal warning by the Dutch medical association for prescribing an unproven homeopathic treatment for whooping cough instead of the vaccination, thereby exposing the individual patient treatment misusing his position as a physician and engendering fear of vaccination which could lead to endangerment of

I noticed that @Ceasetherapy unfollowed me today, so I decided to look at their twitter stream and I noticed the following tweet:

Study by @GenRescue: vaccinated boys have a 155% greater chance of having a neurological disorder like ADHD, Autism than unvaccinated boys

I followed the link to @GenRescue's website ( and it looks very slick and the language appears at first glance to be neutral, but with phrases like "Educate before you vaccinate" and "Generation Rescue is a community ... who have vaccinated their children and now believe in informed consent.", you kind of get the idea where it's all leading. The organisation is run by Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel: they both come up with no canards in the quakometer, but my gut tells me that they're using some very cleverly couched language.

There is a resources page ( and under the science banner are a number of references to research in (hopefully) peer reviewed journals. I am not a medical professional, so I have no real way of assessing either the reputation or affiliation of the journals in question or the efficacy of the content. With titles like Altern Ther Health Med., it doesn't bode all that well. There is one promising looking paper: The ScanBrit randomised, controlled, single-blind study of a gluten- and casein-free dietary intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. The abstract at concludes that "dietary intervention may positively affect developmental outcome for some children diagnosed with ASD" but in the absence of a placebo they were "unable to disqualify potential effects derived from intervention outside of dietary changes." i.e. limited or no effect.