Sunday, July 03, 2005


Yipppeee, what can I say more? For the first time in my life I actually won a competition for my writing. I was absolutely flabbergasted to read on the rummaging blog that I had won the haiku competition of recent fame. The prize is so much more than the iPod shuffle on offer (which of course is also a bonus), but the fact that I have a fan out there in webland. I haven't been particularly attentive to my own blog of late, so I will take this momentous occasion to avail you of the remainder of my entries to the competition. If you want to know which of my entries won, then follow the link.

Feedback given for the tent (see earlier post)
Divine Contentment
I hope u like ur new tent
and a dry summer

The secret is that it was me in disguise. I had already sold the tent and rather than disappoint the bidder (whose bid was way below the value of the tent) I used my sannyas name (which means divine contentment) to open a different account and buy the tent from myself. Sneaky eh?

I gave myself the following feedback for this item:
Super ebayer.
Smooth as clockwork transaction.
Bring on the summer!

I mean, you can tell it's me, can't you?

So, on to a legitimate transaction, namely for a two player card game which I sold. What I didn't tell the buyer was that the reason I was selling the game was that my girlfriend and I played the game twice and each time it ended in a huge fight. I wish the buyer the best luck in the world with the game because I genuinely liked it, having won both times in a most ruthless manner, thereby offending my girlfriend's sensibilities and sense of proportion. Here is my feedback haiku:
A card game lover,
who lives in the neighbourhood,
will enjoy his buy

But whether his girlfriend will enjoy it is another matter.....

So, now I will just sit back and await the arrival of my iPod shuffle. The down side is of course that rummaging is stopping indefinitely and that is a big shame, but I wish him luck in his new ventures and maybe he will come back to haunt us one day. I mailed him my address so he could send the prize, but I already got the real prize: my own creativity and the appreciation of at least one of my peers. Pretty groovy, huh?

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