Monday, July 11, 2005

Stepping into nothing

Sitting in the box looking out
at the great expanse of sky
shuffling to the edge
staring into the face
stepping out into nothing
falling blissfully to earth
feeling the wind
and the pull of the ground
innocent in its attraction
that draws me to my death
and suddenly I stop!
Pulled up by strings
floating in this other world
above the ordinary
I see everything transformed:
the peaceful farms,
the trees and the roads
cutting through at regular intervals.
I sail through the silence
I am walking with birds
my wing overhead
letting me down gently
to a place from which I am bound
never to escape
knowing that this is a temporary state.
and the perspective of the lowly
when compared with the thrill of falling
and the peace of floating
are as far apart as man
and the moon.

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