Sunday, August 07, 2005

Day 4 – to Orleans!

Wash house in MérévilleHurrah and huzzah! We broke our slow pace with an amazing 89.5km; howzat!! It went really well and we averaged around 15km/h with stops in Méréville with its picturesque wash-house and breathtaking medieval wooden marketplace) and just outside Toury.

Marketplace in Méréville

Where's Big Daddy?There by a giant haystack we had our lunch. We also had to make way for a bunch of race cyclists, but the going was very good.

On the in-road to Orleans we picked up a stray cyclist (French) who was a bit annoying (and drunk) and who volunteered to lead us to the campsite. I was not sure if he was going to ask for money, but we shook him off by doing some groceries. Arriving in Orleans itself, we were at a bit of a loss to find either of the campsites in our guide, so we asked a (non-drunk) French guy on a mountain bike who, having nothing else to do, promptly led us to the door, Never let it be said that the French are not capable of courtesy. This campsite was the cheapest so far, so we decided to stay an extra day to have a look around this historic city. I want to do the following tomorrow:
- check e-mail
- update blog
- buy spanner (for the back wheel) and bike computer

Camp site: Orleans St. Jean
Tariff: €8
Daily distance: 89.5km

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Loup Dargent said...

Cool! and Wow!

The Blogosphere is definitely a small virtual world after all:
I was born not very far from Orleans and spent my childhood in La Ferte St Aubin.
I've also worked in Orleans and Olivet [South of Orleans]...

[It's a rather unexpected trip down Memory Lane for me as I've left France, and Orleans, in 1980]

Talk soon...