Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Shinkage ryu seminar

©Stichting Shinkage ryu NederlandI'm really busy at the moment helping to organise the above mentioned seminar which will be held in Rotterdam at the end of this week. Our sensei will be coming over from Japan to guide us in the ways of Shinkage ryu iaido. He comes twice a year to Europe and it is always a great pleasure to see hime and his deshi (most advanced student) Kinomoto sensei. You can find more info about the seminar here. It will, I hope be the source of iaido posts and definitely inspiration for my training for the next sixth months.

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sarabear said...

ok, where are the bikes? I came here to see the bikes..... Your industry says bikes! and... where the heck were you when I was in Amsterdam this summer? We had fun without you.