Friday, January 20, 2006

The majik inner world!

Starting to look more human So, this is the scan at twelve weeks (almost two months ago now actually) and things are looking normal. It was such a relief to hear that the risk of Down's syndrome was very low. We are getting used to the fact that there is a baby on the way and there are definite changes to Mrs. M's tummy.

We went to the haptonomist last night for pregnancy classes and I have to say it was an intimate experience. Haptonomy is the art of healing by touch. The idea is that where the hands go, the attention goes there too and that way a lot of tensions in the body can be released. These tensions can be in the form of painful experiences and traumas from one's youth or from the present stressful way of life. In any case, the pregnancy class consisted of getting in touch (literally) with mother and, more specifically, baby. It was difficult to feel anything at first because the baby is still very small and I wasn't sure what I should feel, but after a few moments and with the guidance of the haptonomist, I was in contact with this new life inside.

We have another scan next week, and this time I'll post the pics a lot quicker.


Akira said...

Soo... Mr. M when are you expecting your litlle baby M?

majikthijs said...

3rd of June 2006 is the official date, but it could be two weeks earlier or later. Don't worry, Ill let you know through the more 'normal' channels when s/he arrives. ;)

catnapping said...

I get all squeaky when I see babies. And yours is a sweetie!

My kids were both born in June, as was my granddaughter. It's not a great month to be pregnant, but it's a good month to be born.