Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random stuff written on my whiteboard

Often on my way to work I come up with some insight or thought that I want to preserve for posterity (or vanity) and so I write them on my whiteboard. The problem is, I need to use my whiteboard for work related things too, so where to put these random thoughts? On my blog, of course... So here they are.

  • Empathy is a prerequisite for learning;
  • We keuren niet goed; we keuren af, of we keuren niet af;
  • When you try to measure quality it becomes a quantity, but the opposite does not apply;
  • More time is wasted in misguided attempts to save it, than in the honest-to-goodness squandering thereof;
  • To get to the top don't play the game, play the system.
At some point I may, or may not, elucidate further.

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