Monday, September 05, 2005

ADIDAS Beckenbauer allround

They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine The football legend that is the Kaiser (or Franz Beckenbauer as he is more commonly known) endorses these trainers from Adidas. Leather upper with a suede section on the front and coloured branding stripes on both sides and now to be seen adorning the feet of yours truly.

Yes, I have succumbed to the fashion bug that bit me when I won the iPod. A flurry of fashionable purchases in the shirts and underpants departments have culminated in this latest and, I might say, most satisfying acquisition. Coming as I do from a rather large and consequently not-so-well-off family, I never had these kind of trainers when I was a kid and I used to enviously eye up the flash kids with their three stripes (and later other famous brands) whilst I had to make do with the Tesco tearaways. But now I'm a bit older and certainly a lot wealthier (you should see my balance at blogshares by the way, I'm a billionaire) I can afford these little luxuries, the pleasure of which is in no way diminished by the waiting. On the contrary, it has only heightened my enjoyment of the buying experience. So this is what they mean by retail therapy...?


StoryCharms said...

I won't pretend I have anything to say about Beckenbauer or trainers: it was 'fashionable purchases in the shirts and underpants departments' that got my attention! Not from eBay, I hope?

majikthijs said...

Armani and Calvin Klein respectively. hehehe