Thursday, September 01, 2005

BlogShares - my latest addiction

I have discovered the ultimate way to avoid work (and life) - mucking around on blogshares (see link). This is a tremendously ingenious idea: trading shares in weblogs, generating ideas and artefacts and amassing chips and karma. I have no idea how it all works really, but it's great fun, and if you have your own blog and claim it, then you get 1000 free shares in your blog to play with, on top of the B$500 just for joining up. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful and with the aid of some ultra-rich players, I have managed to scrape a respectable B$4billion (yes, you read it correctly, a 4 with 9 noughts) together in just 24 hours, giving me an overal ranking of 841 and a phenomenal growth figure with too many noughts to remember. I can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of my not-so-hard-earned cash trying to work out how the whole game works.

Share price of this blogBy the way the graph shows just how amazingly the share price of this blog is doing. Get some shares before they get too expensive, link your blog to this one and watch your investment grow.....

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