Saturday, May 20, 2006

A married man

Well, here I am, almost a dad and now a married man. We got officially married on the 10th of May. We bought rings from a goldsmith in Amsterdam. The name of the studio is Studio Matrix and it is located in the Prinseneiland neighbourhood, just to the north-east of Amsterdam central station. We had been there a few years ago during an open studio weekend. The area in question is home to quite a high concentration of artists and once a year they open their studios to the public. We went to look at the jewellery in this studio and I was so taken with the designs I started to ask the smith about his colouring technique. The majority of the jewellery contained titanium and having worked with this material in my Master's thesis, I was intrigued at how he had achieved such beautiful results.

with this ring, I thee wedI decided then that I wanted to buy a wedding ring from him one day, so when we decided to get married, I immediately thought of the studio and we went there on the Saturday before the wedding to choose a ring. Strangely enough we decided on more or less the same ring. I knew straight away which one I wanted, but Mrs. M wasn't so sure. After a while she tried on the one I had, (which of course was miles too big), but she liked it. After a bit of 'hmm'ing and 'aah'ing she asked if he could make a ring in her size before the wedding. He could and only three days later Mrs. M picked up the rings which we were to give one another the following day.

If you are in Amsterdam (or in the vicinity) and you want unique jewellery at a reasonable price, you would do well to look up Studio Matrix. The smith is a very modest man in the best sense of the word. He didn't rush us, was very supportive and critical in our choices and was also very accommodating in making a ring more or less to Mrs. M's specification.


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