Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ring thing

Further to the previous post, I realised that my ring was, in fact, too big. It must have been the warm weather making my fingers bloat out (or perhaps just my big bones) but the ring just get slipping down my finger. This is really annoying when you're typing I can tell you. I was changing the quilt cover and nearly shook the damn thing off my finger completely. So, I went back to the studio where I bought it and told my tale of woe. The owner told me that it was not possible to make it smaller beacuse of the design, so he offered to make me a NEW one!!!! The old one was not so badly worn and could be polished up and put back in the display cabinet. I was flabbergasted. Is that service or what? It is a little bit of a shame that I had to give back the ring that I wore on my wedding day, but at least the new one will fit better. I only hope for Mrs. M's sake that this is not an omen for the marriage. I think not!

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