Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I paranoid, or are they really out to get me...?-

I'm having a bad hair day today. It's one of those days when nothing seems to go right and I start to understand how Marvin felt: brain the size of a planet and all they want me to do is to go the docking bay to pick up the hitch-hikers..........

It started off with a flat tyre on the car. I changed the wheel, drove to the garage to blow it back up and put it back on. It doesn't appear to have gone back down yet, so that means some little b@#%trd let my tyre down. I don't know if that's worse than it being punctured....

Then I met my new boss and I felt a bit of a twat because it appears that I didn't go the right university. Aaaaarggghhhh, ever get the feeling that the decisions you made for an easy life when you were young come back to bite you when you're older? Well, today it happened to me and it wasn't the most pleasant experience I ever had I can tell you.

Finally, I drove by the Appie Heijn (supermarket) on my way home to buy some food and found out that it had been burned out. Bummer. Two kids in the garage playing with fire, gets out of hand and the whole place is smoked out. Probably the same little gits who let my tyre down.

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