Sunday, June 05, 2011

Devanand and Krista got married

My very good friends got married recently and they threw a party this weekend at the in Kerpen, Germany. This is a beautifully renovated sock factory (built by Hitler for training house-servants for the new elite). The Dutch couple who own it (Erwin and Kiki) are friends of Krista and they made us feel like guests in their house.

Highlight for me was accompanying Krista on guitar and vocals during a small ceremony to celebrate the wedding. Kiki came up with the idea on Saturday afternoon and provided a guitar and music. Krista and I rehearsed 'feel my love' (Bob Dylan / Adele) for about an hour until we got it off-pat. It sounded pretty good due to our complimentary voices and Devanand was as much moved as surprised when we performed. The guests all stood in a ring around the couple, Krista sang and they both received flowers and good wishes from everyone. It's times like these that I'm really glad I can play music :)

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